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Fremont County CarePortal

Fremont County has joined a CarePortal coordinated by a non-profit called Beautiful Redemption. CarePortal is a computerized system that local agencies can use to communicate with local churches when families with children have needs that cannot be met through regular resources. Amanda Wright-Whitt, Fremont County Department of Human Services Special Projects Coordinator, is the local contact. She screens requests from agencies around the county. If it is a need that can be met by one of the other agencies, she refers the worker there. She makes certain the request is for a need rather than a want. If she finds the request appropriate for CarePortal, she then posts it. Participating local churches will then be able to see the request. If a church decides it is a request they can meet, they indicate so on the portal. Amanda will then notify the representative from that church how to contact the family to arrange delivery directly to the family either by arranging to meet somewhere neutral or directly to the home. A family's need is not posted unless the family consents to having their contact information released to the church. None of the churches are obligated to accept any need. Once the need is accepted the other churches will no longer see the need.  The point of having the church contact the family directly is that the personal touch of showing them that someone cares is so important. 

To learn more call office at 719-275-0681for more contact information for Jolynn Hall
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