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55 plus Group

The 55+ group consists of a group of fun-loving seniors that enjoy food and fellowship. This group typically meets every third Wednesday of the month at noon for a potluck meal and fellowship in the Fellowship Hall. Periodically, the group goes on field trips to museums or other educational ventures. They have been known to go fishing during the summer. A favorite annual event in August is a trip to Cripple Creek for lunch and a melodrama. Christmas is a fun time as we have a Christmas party complete with the men and women's gift exchange- oh, do folks like to trade!  You don't have to be 55 to join us; you just need to enjoy food, fun and fellowship. Nobody here tells their age!

Valentines Day Dinner 2024

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To learn more, call the office at 719-275-0681, and ask for contact information for Kathy Chitttenden.

Trout Haven  ... August 23 2023

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